Who in the world is Align BI?

June 29, 2016 by alignbi

We are the greatest business intelligence consulting and services company you’ve probably never heard of. We are a diverse team passionate about data, processes, ROI, and efficiency. We have the talent and means to solve any data, analytics, architecture or data warehouse challenge you might have. We’ve been doing Business Intelligence (BI) collectively for over 50 years… it’s what we do. We live and breathe data and we’d love to show you how aligning your data to your business initiatives can change your company!

Our expertise ranges from data warehouse and ETL development to data mining and machine learning. We even have expert web and system engineers to help us tackle large, complex, custom implementations. We’ve dealt with small, medium, and big data across many industries and verticals. Ultimately, we love what we do and we love making our customers happy!


Many moons ago in the dawn of BI, a few old guys (Pete, Jay, & Daniel) revolutionized BI at Ancestry.com. What started out as a desktop PC under a desk turned into a massive data warehouse living through various technology evolution’s. Over time others joined the Ancestry.com team (Nate, Justin, Udine) and launched their careers in BI. Since then our paths have crossed several times over the following 10+ years. As time went on the old guys realized that many companies need help with BI. They saw that far too many companies rely on Excel, manual processes, and stale PowerPoint slides to make “data-driven” decisions. Thus, Align BI was founded in 2011 to fill this need.

Jay jumped in as our first full-time employee with Pete & Daniel joining shortly thereafter as Managing Partners. Slowly the rest of us joined the party and today we continue to add more talent to our team. Align BI is made up of hand-picked professionals who are the best at what they do. We only hire the best so that we can provide world-class service and solutions for our customers. All of our business over the last 5 years has been generated by word of mouth. It’s a testimony to our wonderful customers and the service we provide. We take our customer’s experience very seriously and treasure the relationships we have with our clients!

Products & Services

Our expertise is in all things data. Our services include data warehouse architecture & design, data modeling, ETL development & optimization, dashboarding & data visualization, predictive analytics, and data strategy & best practices. We provide on-premise or cloud solutions using many different technologies. As Microsoft, Actian, and Tableau partners, we work extensively with SQL Server (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, etc), Actian Matrix, and Tableau (Desktop & Server). In addition, we’re well versed in various big data platforms including Hadoop, Matrix, Redshift, Vertica, Snowflake, and others. We also have deep experience with various ETL and scripting tools including Integration Services, Snaplogic, Alteryx, Spark, Storm, RabbitMQ, Python, C#, PowerShell, etc.

We also work heavily in data science; aka machine learning and data mining. We have built state-of-the-art forecasting and classification engines that leverage the latest technology and research around machine learning. These technologies and algorithms are the next steps in BI. Instead of just reporting what happened, we can help you predict what will happen. Look for more blog posts in the future about these projects and how you can leverage this technology in your organizations. We’re really excited about this new era of BI and all the cool technologies coming out.

In addition to the technical chops, we also know and understand business. We have backgrounds in finance, marketing, operations, and IT. We understand what KPI’s are critical to running all facets of a business and how those KPI’s drive behavior and results. We are particularly skilled in marketing, finance, and subscription analytics. We love helping with GL account reconciliation, revenue recognition, sales funnel reporting, attribution models, churn calculations, recurring revenue reporting, and lifetime value metrics; just to name a few.


We wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers. We have worked with some of the best and brightest minds over the years and consider ourselves lucky to be working with these tremendous companies. We have worked with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local startups. We can work with any budget, at any level of the organization. We’re comfortable talking business with executives and technical jargon with developers.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you leverage your data and start making better business decisions today!

Some of our customers have included: