Using Software Tools to Grow Your Business

December 12, 2018 by alignbi

It’s not big secret that growing a business is significantly harder than starting one. Many enterprises reach their ceiling quite early, and fail to find a way to break through it. One highly beneficial way to scale your business is to utilize software tools that better create efficiencies within your business.

Using the Proper Tools

There are a lot of aspects that help you build up a successful business. Working with the right people, having enough money, and finding the right tools are all important parts of growing your business. One of the hardest aspects is finding those tools. It can be hard to find them when you’re new in a field and aren’t really sure what you’re doing. One way to do this is by educating yourself online. Follow, like, and read the blogs of businesses related to your industry to get involved in the conversation that’s happening in your space. This can help you anticipate challenges, build useful relationships, and find useful resources for your business’ operations.

How to Look for Software

This may sound like a confusing concept. But it can be hard for most people to offer up advice on what kind of tools to utilize for your company. What works for a clothing company may not work for a company that sells supplements. So it’s important to work with a source that understands YOUR business. Luckily, there are tools and companies out there that will help make the process of finding the right tools for your niche a little bit easier. The best one we know of, is called FounderKit. FounderKit is a tool that provides an assortment of reviews and advice from successful founders of businesses similar to yours. They will recommend the right tools for your business. This makes finding the right marketing and growth tools for your company so much easier. They use an algorithm to rank the best products and tools available, which will help you find the right ones for you.

Enhancing Your Marketing

We all know the importance of marketing, right? Find a marketing agency, or a tracking tool to manage all of your marketing endeavors. Just having a way to keep track of your marketing will help you exponentially. You’ll want something that will track your ads, the different kind of ads, as well as your finances and money spent on advertising and marketing. If you chose to go through an agency for this, they will keep track of all of that and create reports for you to help you see your business scaling and growth. There are apps out there that you can buy that can also help you keep track of these things. A few to try are HootSuite, Campaign Monitor, Syte, Shakr, and Optimizely.

Management Tools

Keeping track of everything within your business takes up a long time and a lot of energy. If you spend all of your energy manually tracking all of these things, you won’t have as much time to work on growing your business. Having the right tools to manage products and business management can be an absolute game changer. Here are a few management tools to look into: Kin, Zirtual, ShipStation, Kit, Wiser, Hiver, and TaxJar.

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