The Benefits of AI in BI

March 10, 2019 by alignbi

Artificial intelligence, or AI, gets thrown around so much in the business and technology fields, nowadays, that it seems more like a cliche than a usable tool. However, the truth is that AI and machine learning really are changing the field of BI in profound and lasting ways. While AI on its current scale is fairly new to the market, the reality is that businesses that utilize BI will eventually need to capitalize on the advantages that AI brings to the table, or else they will be left behind. Here are some of the key benefits that AI has in the world of business intelligence…

See Changes and Irregularities in Real time

The tools of BI are typically built around presenting data in a way that allows management to see trends and predict future behavior. This means that it’s important to notice when specific trends change, suddenly, whether that’s an impact on sales, clientele, personnel, or the market at large. AI tools are able to process that information, immediately, as it happens. This allows dashboards to be built with specific features that notify executives of sudden changes that necessitate important and timely changes.

Integrate Search-Based Platforms to Your Dashboard

Even after a huge amount of data from various sources is carefully organized and presented in a dashboard, large enterprises can still have an overwhelming amount of information to sort through. The good news is that you can create your own search-based solutions in your dashboard with the use of machine learning. Over time, AI can be trained to recognize the answers that people are looking for, so that executives can spend less time looking for them. Essentially, you can use a similar algorithm that Google uses, but on a much smaller scale that is personalized to a specific business and industry.

View Future Trends and Possibilities

Perhaps the biggest benefit of AI is that machine learning is able to make complex calculations from large amounts of data that make it able to more accurately predict future trends. This is invaluable for businesses that need to react to an ever changing market at breakneck speeds. The entire BI industry is continually working to find new ways that machine learning can spot indicators of future activity within an industry.

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