As certified Tableau partners we can help you deploy, optimize, and get the most out of your Tableau implementation. We love Tableau and it’s ability to provide data to the masses. It’s easy and intuitive to use while providing stunning data visualizations and interactivity. Click on the link below to start a free trial of Tableau Desktop and see why we like it so much!

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Working with Align B.I. has been a pleasure. They built a very robust and sophisticated multidimensional model for all of Adobe’s reporting needs, and they worked around the clock to do so.

Adobe’s marketers use the reporting system to make fact based decisions, fostering a culture of intelligent marketing spend and increased ROI.

Shane Johnson

We have thousands of probe droids searching the galaxy. All that data needs to be managed by somebody. Align B.I. has the expertise that we need and the know-how to get it done.

Admiral Kendal Ozzel

The Death Star plans had terabytes of information to sift though. The success of the battle of Yavin can be attributed to Align B.I.’s assistance in extracting the relevant data from it.

General Jan Dodonna
Transform data and your bottom line. Monetize More

1.1 Discover

We discuss with your key decision makers what your company wants to do and how to use your data to make it happen.

1.2 Verify

We set project specifics like time-frame, cost and scope. We work with you to establish metrics to measure project successes.

1.3 Analyze

We learn about your business and data. Then we discuss with you the big picture and what we can do to help.

2.1 Architect

We recommend and layout plans for the solutions and an overall structure to support them.

2.2 Prototype

We create quick small scale examples so you can literally see how we'll meet your needs.

2.3 Implement

We scale the prototypes to be a fully supported system for your continued benefit.

3.1 Extract

We transfer your data to the new system where it can be useful and powerful.

3.2 Transform

Your extracted data is put into an accessible format, enabling you to easily build tools for the needs or challenges that arise.

3.3 Load

Your data is loaded into an intuitive dashboard that runs reports and makes decisions clearer, so you can turn your data into money.

4.1 Test

We do extensive testing of your new system to make sure it can handle unexpected stresses. We also test to ensure the integrity of the data.

4.2 Review

We have a small cross section of your company test the system by using it in their normal day.

4.3 Improve

We train you and get the system in your hands quickly, so you can benefit from it. Since we believe in continual rapid improvement, we evolve your system to grow with your needs and opportunities.

We train your
Data to work smarter
for you
Don't limit your data because your data is too difficult. Instead, align your data in support of your business goals. --Jay Heath - Align B.I.
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The Team

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Jay’s been doing full-time B.I. for 12 years now and especially loves building dashboards and busting out predictive analytics. He often geeks out for hours (admittedly days) determining the quotient and building B.I. systems.

He’s fortunate to have a wife and 4 children who periodically bring him back to at least a somewhat normal state.

When he’s not doing B.I., he can often be found playing soccer with his family in the garage they’ve turned into an indoor soccer field thanks to some artificial turf. He should have stopped playing years ago, but no one has the heart to tell him.

Jay Heath

Jay Heath

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We don’t really know how to answer where Daniel’s from, since he grew up internationally. In the last 15 years he has settled in the world of data warehousing and B.I., while still supporting companies in many countries.

Though he lives and dies by a cube shaped world, Daniel still knows how to think outside the box. His career started out in Finance until the B.I. bug bit him, exploiting his technical passion along with his business and cultural understanding.

The only downside to gaining valuable B.I. experience is having to accept the fact that aging is inversely related to his game of soccer as Peter and Jay can confirm.

Daniel Mogensen

Daniel Mogensen

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Peter’s daughters tease him about his favorite book The Data Warehouse Toolkit. But we all know that most times you don’t pick the passion, it picks you. Since his Loyola and Arthur Andersen days in Chicago (thanks Enron!), Peter has found his calling helping companies make more use of their data than you can shake a stick at.

When he’s not leaping mounds of data in a single bound, he’s playing soccer with Jay and Daniel or relishing time with his family.

Peter Nettesheim

Peter Nettesheim

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Justin is the technical genius on the team. Born with a computer in his right hand, Justin has been in and around computers his entire life. Armed with a background in computer science, Justin can solve any technical issue in front of him. Oh, and he’s really good with data. Like, really good.

When he’s not saving the BI world, Justin can be found cruising on his motorcycle, getting lost with his dogs, or staying up late at the data center.

Justin Larsen

Justin Larsen

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Udine is as smart as they come. With a deep background in software development, Udine can do just about anything. His experience with BI revolves around writing solid ETL processes, dealing with huge datasets, and managing a large Microstrategy implementation. Outside of BI, Udine is a skilled web developer who has designed and managed large enterprise web applications.

When he’s not coding up a storm, Udine is tearing up the soccer pitch showing us how to really play. Oh, and he has a mint collection of awesome t-shirts.

Udine Falabella

Udine Falabella

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Jake has been bitten by the B.I. bug and can’t get enough. Although Jake started in B.I. just four years ago, he’s proven his worth time and time again. With solid business and logistical experience, Jake brings an invaluable perspective to our projects.  When Jake isn’t heads down in a project, he can be found in the great outdoors fishing, hiking or camping with his family or he can be found in the GYM working out. Yeah, he could beat you up.

Jake Evans

Jake Evans

OLAP Technology

When Adobe wanted a B.I. backend that could easily handle hundreds of millions of rows but was still flexible enough to allow analysts to drill down and across subject areas, then slice and dice the data on the fly, OLAP was the right choice.

An OLAP cube’s structure compresses the data and its pre-aggregation provides very fast responses to hundreds of millions of rows of data.

Align B.I. has deep experience implementing OLAP technology, but OLAP is just one tool in the B.I. toolbox. Let’s talk to find out if it’s the right fit for your analysis needs.

Data Visualization

As Stephen Few noted in his book Now You See It, “We don’t have too much information. The problem is that most of us don’t know how to dive into this ocean of information, net the best of it, bring it back to shore, and sort it out.”

Visualizing data is half art and half science, and there are tools out there that try to help—some are more effective than others.

Align B.I. has been down this road—many times. Let’s talk to find out which tool, based on your analysis needs, would be best to help you make sense of your data. We highly recommend Tableau, but we follow the mantra “The right tool for the job.”

Learn about Tableau

Predictive Analytics

It’s not black magic or voodoo, but it does require machine learning. Predictive analytics is a process that uses your data to build a specialized predictive model for your business.

The idea is to find the behaviors or attributes that best "predict" a certain outcome by using data mining technology.

For example, you may find that your customers who have not logged in for more than 30 days are most likely to cancel their annual subscription. If that is the case, perhaps a retention program that reaches out to customers who haven’t logged in for more than 30 days would help drive down attrition and increase retention. Predictive analytics is a combination of crunching the numbers and trial and error. At Align B.I., it’s part of what we do. Let us help you make sure you get more trial and less error.

Big Data

Big data is all the rage these days. It’s typically being defined as having three dimensions—Volume, Velocity and Variety. Volume means what it says: The sheer volume of data for analysis is huge (billions of rows and petabytes of data) and it’s growing. Velocity refers to speed of analysis or what people will call realtime analysis. We want to analyze large volumes of data faster. Variety means the type of data we want to analyze is diverse—ranging from structured (fits nicely into a structured database) to unstructured (raw log files, chat room conversations, articles published in journals, open ended survey responses, etc.).

To handle this big data tidal wave, technology is evolving and tools are emerging.

Is Hadoop the right tool for the job? Should you look at a massively parallel processing (MPP) analytic system? Is columnar the right move? At Align B.I., we’ve been up to our necks in big data for years, and we’ve implemented these systems. Let us help you decide what’s right for your business.

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